Best of Attack of the Redneck Mommy

New to RNM? I’ve dug through my mammoth archives and compiled a list of links to help bring you up to speed. I even organized them into neat little categories, just for you, all in an effort to kill time and avoid folding the mound of laundry draped all over my couch.

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The Funny

The Cost of Womanhood (slightly NSFW)

I am Canadian (please don’t hurt me!)

Good Times at the Grocery Store

Losing My Shit

Chalk This One Up For the Record Books

Plight Of Pillsbury (NSFW)

Burning For You (NSFW)

Tale of Blue Thunder (NSFW)

Wanna Be A Superstar? (How to be a Superstar Blogger and become RICH AND FAMOUS.)

Television and Tampons: A Bad Mix

The Not So Funny

Visions of Grace

Neat Feet

If Wishes Were Dollars I’d Be Rich


Stretch Marks And Stones


Life and Death

The Hardest Thing

My Reality (Whether You Like It Or Not)

You Can’t Put a Price on Stupidity

Dear Internet, I’m Placing You on Notice

Why You Shouldn’t Use the R-Word

The Difference Between You and Me: Raising Disabled Kids

My Son Has a Super Power

The Road To Adoption

Crossroads and Choices

Trust Me, I’m a Good Mom

Open Letter

Adoption Asshats Update

Judgement Day Looms

Verdict Rendered

Always Read the Fine Print

Wait and See

Desperate Measures

Seven Weeks and No Stretch Marks

Electric Moment

First Impressions

Thank You Mr. Balloon Man

The Journey Series (Or how to lose a foster kid and a friend in one fell swoop)

The Journey Begins

The Journey Part Two

The Journey Part Three

The Journey Part Four

The Journey Part Five

The Journey Part Six

The Journey’s End