Verdict Rendered

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It's not official yet. There is still some paper work to be done and some hoops to jump through, but the adoption peeps are recommending our application be approved.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will say this was by far the MOST humiliating experience of my life to have my personality ripped apart in front of a group of strangers and my husband. Turns out I really am bat shit crazy.

But not the 'throw me into a padded room and wrestle with the straight jacket' variety of crazy.

More the 'control freak, aggressive, chew your faces off and eat your young, strong personality' type of crazy.

I'll take it.

Oh, and the adoption peeps know about the blog.

Ya. Good times. Nothing like digging your own grave and eating a little crow.

Let's all say hello and thank you to the nice ladies who I have mocked and terrorized over the course of the year, shall we?

I now think they shoot rainbows and sunbeams out their backsides.

I'm nothing if not fickle. But I'll write more about that later, when I've recovered from my humiliation and come down from my euphoric high of being told I'm gonna be a mommy again.

With no morning sickness, hemorrhoids or swollen belly.

Don't hate on me all you pregnant ladies.

I'm crazy. The report said so.

And thank you once again, for all the well wishes, support and emails you have sent me. It kept me warm and fuzzy as I rocked back and forth and listened to just how certifiable the athletically trim and charming psych dude thought I was.