Your Local Hoser

Yesterday's post seemed to bring a little confusion to my gentle American friends.

Cold temperatures generally leave me a wee confused so I'm not totally surprised.

But it seems a great deal of you don't know what we Canadians put on our heads to keep our brains from freezing into ice blocks.

That would be a TOQUE people.

This is a toque:

Photo 97

Note the pompom on the top. Any Canuck worth their salt knows the only good toque is the toque with a fuzzy ball of yarn on the top. It's like walking around all winter season with a Christmas ornament on our skulls.

This is a Canadian keener in a toque:

Photo 104

Fashion means nothing when one has to brave our arctic like winter temperatures.

Warmth is the preferred currency even if it means looking like a deranged lunatic who stole a cheerleader's pompom to attach it to their head.

It's not a beanie or a hat, it's a freaking TOQUE.

Photo 112

Any questions?

*This public service announcement brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Canuck hoser. Now excuse me, I need to go make some butter tarts, eat some poutine and wash it all down with some screech.*

*Bob and Doug would be so proud. Sniff.*