I Just Need A Minute Alone With Them...Promise

It's been more than a year in the making, but today's the day. The BIG day. Our day of judgement. The day I find out if I get to hunt out a new little redneck to call my own, and get to read the assessment report from our freakishly long and brutal psych evaluations.

Will my husband be truly justified in calling me crazy? Or is he just the lovable ass I married?

The bigger and more imminent question ought to be, "Will I be able to act with dignity and a modicum of decorum when they render their verdict?"

I have visions of yelling "Boo-Yah! Take that, you evil bureaucrats!" if the application is approved. Which of course, would give them justification for changing their minds.

Quit eyeing the duct tape, Boo. I'd just peel it off with my freakishly long monkey toes if I had to.

I'd ask you to wish us luck, but you've already done that. Besides which, the deed is done, either way. So, before I know what the fate of my future holds, allow me to thank you deeply and from the bottom of my heart for all the support, hand-holding and virtual cheering you have done for me, and my family.

To say you rock would be a sorry understatement.



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I'm bringing reinforcements, just in case.