Business men

I hate reality t.v. Really I do. Any and all. So ask me why last night, I sat there (like I was glued) and watched this last night. Sad. Here I am, all alone, my honey busting his tail to support us all, and my kiddies fast asleep dreaming about sugar plums and I am watching the Donald once more make an ass of himself. My life is too good to be true.

What gets me is Brent. For those of you who are smarter than me and avoid this show like the plague it is, let me enlighten you. Brent is their wannabe Canadian. Even though he lives in the U.S. Out of all the people who are Canucks who live in the U.S. they pick this guy to represent our businessmen.

I would just like to say that I see fat, frumpy men jumping about, waving their fingers, while wearing bath robes, on every street corner. It is how our dollar got so strong.