A plea for help

My honey's family gathered in my home yesterday for a kiddy party. It was good. Great even. Do you know when it was good, even great? When all 18 of them said goodbye. I know, I know, dear internet. Sounds harsh, right?

You see, I suffer from an inferiority complex with these people. His mom and dad raised a very nice, very beautiful family. There are no ugly (or mean) people in this family. A little daunting when you consider my family tree. (A little insight here: My honey hums the theme song from the movie "The Deliverance" each and every time we have a family gathering. He claims there are members of my family who should just be banjo-picking at all times. And I don't necessarily disagree. But I like to think that while my family may not be the cutest, we are the most colorful.)

I digress. His clan came over. So I had a total of 12 kiddies under the age of 10, one with special needs, four who were aged three and under and one who is ridiculously sick. Have I mentioned I live in a very small house? But for the most part, it went well. No bleeding, nothing broken and only a few soul shattering screams.

What get's me though, dear internet, is when a one of the precious little darlings takes to ignoring your "No's," acts petulantly if they are not the centre of everyone's world at all times, and in general, spoils the event for everyone. And said little darling's mother acts like nothing is wrong. (I should mention the little darling is one of the many over the age of five.)

This is something I struggle with. As does my honey. Do we tell his family member their child is obnoxious and needs to be taken down a peg or two? Or do we just silently slink off to the pantry and down shots of liquor and then pop a breath mint? This child is out of control. And so is my urge to choke said child.

Any advice dear internet?