Alberta Advantage

As I have mentioned before, dear internet, my honey left his stable, well-paying job to chase after the Alberta dream. To work out in the oilfield. This is known to fellow Canadians as the Alberta Advantage.

I am seeing things a bit differently, however. Sure, the money he is making is ridiculous. At this rate I should be mortgage-free in no time, but I never see him. He works six days a week, 10 hour shifts, and add to that two hours of travel time a day. And then he comes home, annoys me and then goes to bed. Only to be waken by a small tornado. (Also known as our kiddies coming home from school.)

It's been two and half weeks. Let me draw you a picture. I am 30. I am woman. My husband, well he is very cute. And I have been sleeping alone for what now seems like forever. And when ever he is home and awake, small children are lurking.

I am thinking this is the dark side to the Alberta Advantage. 'Cause I am feeling distinctly disadvantaged.