It Only LOOKS Like I Forgot About Valentines Day

Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you've totally forgotten something, only you can't quite remember what it is you've forgotten but you're smart enough to remember that you have indeed, forgotten something and that it was something rather important?

I had one of those moments just as I was elbow deep in baking cupcakes for my son's junior high basketball team for their final regular season game. (Side note for all those teens reading my blog who shouldn't be reading my blog: 1.) Stop reading my damn blog and go do your homework and 2.) I am so proud of your season and the way you boys played this year. It was a pleasure cheering you on. Now get off my blog.)

I couldn't quite shake the feeling I'd forgotten something so after I put the cupcakes into the oven, I wandered over to my computer to look at my calendar. I figured I probably forgotten a doctor's appointment for Jumby or something and as I was going through the dates, it hit me.

It was Feb 13. And I forgot about Valentines day.

Crap on a cracker.

Of all the Valentines days to forget about over the years, I had to go and pick the one Valentines day my husband would actually be home for?

My timing was impeccable.

I had even forgot to purchase class cards for Jumbster to hand out. Valentines day had completely foiled me.

My husband, however, was quick to save the day and while I was icing cupcakes he was showing me the horribly commercial valentines day cards he bought for the Jumbster's classmates. (Really? Buzz Lightyear is still a thing? Bring back some He-Man so I can relive my youth and feel hip while signing my kid's name on all those cards, would ya?)

"You know, some mothers hand make their children's valentines cards for their classmates," my husband teased.

"Yes. We call those mothers 'over achievers' and we secretly hate them for making the rest of us with our pre made, cheesy character cards look bad. It's the joys of motherhood, really," I muttered as I stuck another stupid heart sticker on yet another card and scratched off another name off the class list. "Besides, I just baked cupcakes for 30 teenagers. I don't completely fail at parenting."

"Am I to presume you baked me a cupcake for Valentines day or have you already thoughtfully purchased a Valentine for me while forgetting to get them for your kids?"


"Valentines day is over rated. Besides, we're married. And every day is Valentines day with us, lov-ah," I purred as I batted my eyes at him and tore another ridiculously silly card from the pack.

"Uh huh. That's what I thought," Boo replied smugly.

"Well it's not like you have anything planned yourself!" I've found that when my flaws are pointed out by my husband, the best, most mature way to handle the situation is to counter with indignation and accusations. It works every.time.

My husband, however, just rolled his eyes at me, pointed out that I missed three names on my son's class list and then walked away.

I hate when he won't let me win by being obviously wrong.

I woke up this morning to find not one, but THREE flower arrangements, more chocolate than my arse will ever need and a bag of cinnamon heart candies (my favourite) waiting for me beside the coffee pot.

Guess Boo did have something planned.


There is nothing quite like munching on your Valentines day candy first thing in the morning while feeling like a first class schmuck. It's the most romantic feeling in the world.

"Happy Valentines Day," he grinned.

I grunted thanks and felt shame burn on my cheeks for a second.

"It's okay if you forgot about Valentines day Tanis, I know you love me." He sounded sincere but I know he was secretly gloating that he'd been victorious in my valentine failure. Marriage is, after all, about give and take. I mean, what else is there to do in marriage once the novelty of the gooey romance has worn off?

And that's when it hit me.

I had a card to play that my husband totally forgot about. I could still pull out a win, or at the very least, tie the Valentine's game up.

I thanked him sweetly for the flowers and candy and then I looked up into his big blue eyes and told him to hang on a second while I went and got his Valentine.

Boo looked at me suspiciously, wondering what I was up to.

I came back, holding Jumby and handed him to his father.

"Happy Valentines day Boo," I said as I kissed both my boys on the cheek.

"Um, thanks?" he said as he bounced the Jumbster around.

"You don't remember do you?" I asked.

His blank look confirmed it. He knew he was overlooking something but he just couldn't remember what.

"I gave you your third son three years ago today. Happy Valentines day. He needs a diaper change by the way."

Jumby. The very best Valentine ever.

I totally win.

Feb 14, 2009. Welcome home Valentine. We'd been waiting.