Prime Pimpage From A Hoser

So, because I don't have enough to do, or clearly post regularly here on my blog, I've gone and found myself a new gig.

I'm writing a new column over at the spanky new Babble Voices site and I'm pleased to be included with such a talented group of writers. (And judging by the images floating about on the home page, it's a good looking crew as well.)

 Click me!

So if you wouldn't mind heading over to Hogwash (which is very VERY different from Hogwarts, or so I hear because I have never actually seen any Harry Potter movies let alone read one single sentence from any of the books) and saying hello to me over in my new digs so my boss thinks I actually do have people who read me, well I'd be very much obliged.

(I'll pay you in virtual cookies. I'll even give you a real cookie, pulled straight from a bag, if any of you ever come up North.)

For those of you who want to add my new column to your RSS feed, you can find it here:

And in case you missed it, over at Momversation, I ranted about school uniforms. And boobs hanging out of tank tops. Coincidentally, my boobs were hanging out of my tank top.

Over at The Parent Experiment I was a guest on Stephanie Wilder-Taylor's pod cast where I basically make an arse out of myself. Which is always awesome.

If you have a little extra time this weekend, head over here and watch me lay a smack down on new daddy blogger, Charlie Capen from How To Be a Dad. (I should probably point out Charlie appears in his underwear. More than once. Heh.)  Big props to everyone over at Fused Logic and to Narissa Singh for inviting me back to join her after doing my first appearance with her.

And since I'm here, pimping my crap out like an internet crack head, I may as well point you in the direction of my Facebook page, my twitter page and of course, my Google + page. (Maybe one of y'all can teach me what exactly it is I'm supposed to be doing over on G+ other than picking my nose. Because I can't figure it out.)

There. All done with my pimp work.

I feel dirty.

I kinda dig it.