I Have No Idea Where I Am

So far on this travel adventure with my daughter I have learned several things:

American teens are JUST as irritating as the Canadian kind. And by irritating I mean completely sweet. Ya. That's what I mean. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

Any teenaged girl, regardless of origin and nationality, will lose any and all capacity for reason upon walking into a cafeteria filled with teenaged European football players still in uniform.

Tour guides named Alberrrrrrrrrto make me smile.

Family politics will follow you across the planet and you will find yourself flipping off your brother-in-law on occasion and wondering what the penalty would be for smothering him with a travel pillow.

14 year old cousins will find a way to squabble no matter the country they are in. But just when you think you are about to lose your mind and your patience with them, you will find the two of them laughing and splashing together in the Atlantic ocean like they hadn't just tried to rip each others faces off hours earlier.

A church made out of the remains of thousands of human skeletons is only slightly less creepy than one might think yet slightly mustier than one would suppose.

When home alone with his sons, Boo will rise to the challenge by not only replacing Frac's entire wardrobe but by also shearing his youngest son's hair so the Jumbster no longer resembles a shaggy homeless child. Well done Boo.

I have also learned how precious free wifi is, how irritating blogging on an iPhone is and how important it is to pack a travel hair dryer or you will spend a lot of time walking around in Europe looking like a stringy haired rat.



Picture above taken at Ponta da Piedade, Portugal.

*I take no responsibility for any spelling or grammatical errors. Damn you Autocorrect. Damn youuuuu.*