Hello from Portugal!

I wrote an entire post for y'all, on my iPhone, typed out with the old two finger hunt and peck method while cracked out on outrageous international roaming fees because my darling hotel doesn't have wifi.

I'm refraining from whining about a hotel not having wifi because I'm in freaking Portugal, the weather is beautiful and the ocean is outside my window.

However, when I went to press publish on my post on this rinky dink phone I managed to press discard instead. Effectively setting my post lose into the ether of nothingness and losing my mind along the way.


Because I'm jetlagged and exhausted from walking around Lisbon and Sintra today doing while doing nothing but take pictures and lick the sugared sweetness from one bakery treat after another, I give up.

I know. My life is terrible. Try not to hate me.

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with wifi, but until then I leave you with these.


Im having a blast.