Are We There Yet?

There comes a time in every parent's life when they have to take their kids on a road trip.

Today is my day.

I'm facing a six hour drive, alone in the vehicle with a dog and three children and no husband to provide a buffer between us.

It's going to get ugly.

I do this, because well, I have rocks for brains. And because Jumby has yet to meet his cousins and his aunt and it's time.

I do this because having 13 children, six adults and one dog under one 1200 square foot house's roof sounds like some bizarre insane torture technique fun.

I do this because I am determined my status as the world's coolest auntie.

I do this because Boo's family love me more and if we ever divorce I get custody of them and he can go find a new family.

Today, I'm hitting the road with my Go Girl in hand and wind at my back.

In six hours from now, I'm sure I'll be banging my head against the side window while my children try and claw their way out, looking for an escape.

Wish me luck peoples.

And if you wouldn't mind, share with us all your most horrifying road trip stories. It'll amuse me when I am finally able to free myself from the vehicle and hide from my children with a bottle of wine that had better be waiting for me when I get to my inlaw's house.

Have a great weekend everyone and pray for me.