Spreading Christmas Cheer

Christmas is the season of joy.

As the tattoo on my arm says, 'One Joy Scatters A Hundred Griefs'. I'm all about the joy. Specifically spreading it. Like preschoolers sharing their germy little kisses, I'm here to share the Christmas joy.

Or I was. Until I realized it's Christmas eve and I still haven't finished knitting my mother's present. Nor have I finished the Christmas baking, folded the last of the laundry or wrapped the last minute gifts my husband keeps purchasing. Someone needs to take that man's bank card away from him. Ahem.

Not to mention, I woke up to find I must have stepped in a pile of reindeer crap when I wasn't looking because Santa delivered my gift early: the plague.

Nothing like pissing off a posse of festive elves and waking up with a raging head cold the day before Christmas. Merry Christmas me!

Still, I couldn't let this Christmas pass without taking an opportunity to thank you all for your support and merriment you have bestowed upon me through out the year.


So thank you.

And to show you my appreciation, I'm reposting previous Christmas performances for you holiday enjoyment.

It's all about the re-gifting around here. (Don't judge me, I'm dying from the plague.)

Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours.