Go forth and giggle...

When Cynical Dad had the brainy idea to publicly roast a blogger on his site, I giggled at the thought and wondered who would be brave stupid enough to volunteer to be publicly skewered. Then my name was tossed into the wide open twitter boards and because I may have been drinking a little of the vino mommy juice, I did the unthinkable.

I raised my hand and agreed.

It took a while to get everyone to send in their finest pot shots, but you know what they say. All good things come to those who wait. Or as I like to say, wait long enough and soon you'll be the laughing stock of the interwebs.


If you haven't wandered over there, you should. It's comedic gold. Even I have to laugh. Cuz, you know, the truth rings loudly.

I may also be laughing because tomorrow is MY TURN at wielding the sharpest knife and I'm going to get my revenge on all those who dared to throw a dart at the bulletin board where my picture was posted.

And I promise you, I won't feel badly about it at all.