I Suck

I've been a little under the weather here lately. As in my soul has been slowly leeched out of my body by nefarious villains of the universe and the joy I like to spout off about has been sucked out of my body similar to how one happily slurps a strawberry milkshake through a too small straw.

It's been tough slogging through the crap here lately which is why I asked my favorite wieners to step in and why I haven't been posting regularly on my blog.

I've put off posting for weeks now because quite frankly, I have nothing humourous to say. And that is the whole point of this blog. To find the humour in my life, to remind me to find joy where ever it's hiding.

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Except I must have counted a bit longer than I was supposed to when my eyes were squeezed shut and my joy tip toed off to play a game of hide and seek. I'm still wandering around seeking while my joy is hiding in the trees. I never was any good at that game. Damn.

We're having some adoption woes and I'm afraid they are getting the better of me. That is all I can say on that subject without getting spanked. I'm bound by legalities and oral contracts to keep my big yap shut.

It's been tough dealing with the emotional roller coaster I bought tickets for while my husband has been off flirting with hot babes out in the oil patch. I don't care what he says, those toothless hairy chicks are sexy. I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

But my gorgeous and terribly sweet Boo is riding his white steed (or in his case a dirty blue GM) and galloping his way back into my arms as we speak, er type. Nothing like having the comfort of massively muscled arms wrapped around a girl to make the world seem brighter and bring my joy back out of hiding.

Only this time, darlin', could you please remember to put the lube and the sexy toys away after we use them and not toss them onto the chair beside the bed?

I'm really tired of trying to explain why there is a penis shaped vibrating toy beside our bed. I think the kids are onto us and aren't buying the whole "they are for Daddy's bad back" explanation.

Just so you know.

As for all of you, my sincerest apologies for being a slack ass these last couple of weeks. Stay with me and I promise I'll have my funny back before you can say 'vibrating back massager.'

I know, I suck. Or at least, tonight my husband hopes I will.