Redneck Makeover

You may have noticed a slightly different look to my blog. Or maybe you didn't and you are just really unobservant. In which case, allow me to point out the obvious. 

I have new, shiny digs. 

I booted Big Red. It was time. She was annoying me. I can't have another woman showing me up with her big boobs and itty bitty waist on my own damn website. One of us had to go, her or me. Since I'm the one paying the hosting fees and doing all the grunt work I figured it ought to be her.

Not that I don't totally rock a bikini. I do. Really. Dammit, why are you laughing???

It was time for a change. I wanted something a little visually simpler, something that would load a little quicker and make me smile each and every time I saw it instead of making me want to race to the gym and bust my ass to look like Big Red.


Not that I don't totally look like her, but with blonde hair. 

I do.


Big thanks to Shaz from Swank Web Style Design Studio for putting up with my incessant emails, constant whining and slightly annoying tendencies of nit-picking.

Now when I see my web page, I chuckle instead of feeling the urge to break a sweat and do 50 crunches. Frac, however, may not feel the same way since it's his image forever captured in a two year old temper tantrum, which is now plastered on my banner.

I really am gunning for that coveted Mother of the Year Award.

An added bonus to the redesign is now when the kids are misbehaving all I have to do is grab my camera and tell them to hold still, I need a new picture for my next blog layout.

I don't make idle threats so their behaviour miraculously improves. 

I suppose Gay Ray could have told them that, though.


For those of you who pop by to ogle the hot chick with flaming red hair and stay for the potty talk, I promise you, nothing else has changed. I'm still the same immature dirty girl I've always been.

Dildos and dead kids, that's my motto.  (Unless you are a an adoption case worker, in which case, I'm totally just joking. Cross my heart.)

Sit back and enjoy the new digs. And while you're at it, let me know what you think. Feedback is always valued.

I'm a big girl. I can take it. 

And if I can't, I'll just find an image of you, bust out the ole creative photoshopping skillz and dedicate a post in your honour.