Pass the Puns, Please

It's raining here. A depressing cold, quiet drizzle made to seem worse by the shivering of the trees surrounding my house. This means I'm stuck inside with two kids who are bound to get cabin fever before noon and a dog who is too much of a princess to get his paws wet to go outside to take a leak.

Which means I will be standing outside with him, getting my own damn skin wet while I whine, er, try to convince and encourage him to take a dump on my lawn. (And no, I can't send the kids because my darling mutt only listens to me. Dumb dog.)

In light of this, I need the best damn cheese I can find to get through what is bound to be a long, wet, cold day.

However, I was only able to come up with some bargain-basement cheese, the type you have to scrape the mold off before you can eat it. Yum, moldy cheese. A magical cure for everything.

I really am a generous soul. Enjoy le bleu fromage!

John decided life would be much easier if he had a clone. So he had one made and sent him to work in his place while he stayed home and relaxed.

Soon this backfired when the clone came home and said he'd been fired for making sexual comments to the women in the office.

John decided, he had to get rid of his clone before things got any worse. John took his clone to the top of a tall building and pushed him off.

Unfortunately, someone saw John and he was arrested and convicted for making an obscene clone fall.

(Should I apologize or just bury my head and pretend I don't know the pun was awful?)