Pass the Puns, Please, Punk Style

It's been a long week. A long cold week. Just when I thought I had my power back on Friday, and posted about it, the Electrical company took it back. Bastards. I had power for about an hour when the world went dark again, and it wasn't fully restored until Saturday morning. The good news is, I have had power for 24 hours straight now so I am going to assume all is now well.

It had better be. Or I may hurt somebody.

As a special treat for all of your patience, and encouragement (and let's not forget about the gloating over warm temperatures) I twisted myself into a pretzel and attempted to take a picture of my fresh tattoo. Because I'm a technical moron, I haven't yet loaded my new software for the snazzy new camera my husband bought me so I had to play contortionist in front of my iMac and snap pictures of the side of my head.

While the photographic (and artistic) quality may be lacking, the evidence is not. Now the world, not just Mama Tulip who talks dirty to me on a regular basis, can see my sound lack of judgment for themselves.

My niece informed me yesterday that I am turning punk. (Good thing she doesn't know about the nipple rings.) I really need to get a skull and crossbones tattooed somewhere so that I may live up to her visions of me.

Not only do you get the to enjoy the cheese I present to you, but you can oogle my neck and make snide comments about how I'm going to be a wrinkled old woman with a penis on the side of her neck. (So says my sister.) Apparently, all tattoos start to resemble a penis once you hit a certain age. (So says my sister.)

Go nuts, enjoy. I have power, heat and a husband sound asleep in my BED. Life doesn't get much better than that.

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The Founding Fathers were sitting around a table sometime in 1776, working on the constitution. It had been a long day.
Father1: Whew! It's getting rather warm in here, isn't it?
Father2: Shall I open the window?
Father1: No, that's alright. I'll just take off my jacket, and roll up my sleeves.
Father2: Hey, that's a good idea. Why don't we include that in the constitution?
Father1: What? That we're allowed to take our jackets off and roll up our sleeves while at work?

Father2: Yeah, but that doesn't sound very smooth. How about "Everyone shall have the right to bare arms?"