Kissing the Electric Company's Ass

41 hours. That is how long I have been without power. Midnight, Wednesday night. Or Thurday morning, I suppose. The sticks in which I reside was hit with a massive snow storm, snapping power poles, lines and trees with the snow and ice.

I suppose it could have been worse. It could be well below the freezing mark, instead it has only hovered at 0 degrees Celsius (32 F). I could have been trapped inside a house with no heat for two days with two small souls sent to torment me from Satan himself. Oh wait, I was.

Ever wonder what happens to a nine year old boy who is cooped upside and can't get his video game fix? It's like taking the crack away from an addict and then hoping they don't rip you from limb to limb.

The good news is I had lots of quality time with my children. With no outside distractions (re: internet, blogging, telly, radio, PHONE...because I only have a fucking cordless which needs power to work and my damn cell phone was dead.)

I know now which kids think I'm a hot mom, which think I'm a scrag and which wish that I would adopt them. I know who wears the hip sneakers and who doesn't. I know who kissed who and who is fighting with who. If you need an inside track into a grade four or five mind, I am your bitch.

Lessons I have learned in the last two days:

I would suck as a pioneer woman.

I am completely useless without my caffeine fix from my morning brew. (I resorted to licking the grinds people!)

I think all the people who work for the power company and are responsible for maintaining the poles and lines should be elevated to the status of Kings (and Queens) and deserve a huge hike in pay. (Especially that bearded dude with the purple sunglasses who replaced my power pole.)

I REALLY, REALLY missed my internet connection.

And my fridge.

And my coffee maker.

It's good to be back.

***I will post pics of my new tattoo tomorrow. Now, I'm going to read some blogs, brew some coffee and eat some damn food that REQUIRES heat to make.***