The Home. T

You know when you are surfing online and you stumble across something that you think, "Wow, that's cool," and you immediately start coveting said item?

Things like Katy Perry's bosoms or the latest iPad?

Don't look at me like that. They're nice bosoms.

Anyways, there I was, surfing online, reading blogs and then SHAZAM! Covet central. However, instead of Katy Perry's breasts or Apple's latest trinket, it was a tee shirt.

A t-shirt from The Home. T. Graphic tees with your home state printed on them. They not only look cool, but a portion of each sale is donated to Multiple Sclerosis research. I saw one and I thought, "I wish they had one for Canada." I have a soft spot for MS research. Boo's father, and my dad's best friend, Larry, had MS.

My dad and Boo's dad. Our daddies.

As soon as that thought bubble popped into my head, Ryan from The Home. T. tweeted me and asked if I wanted a shirt.

The internet is magic, I tell you.

Days later, there is a shirt in my mailbox. It was like this but you know, not really.

(God bless creative friends and the Vine app.)

So what does one do when they receive a free tee shirt from an awesome company?

Well, they ask their kid to grab your camera so that you can model its awesomeness for all the internet to see.

It sounds like a good plan, right?

Except your kid is annoyed with you because you punted him off the Xbox and he was right in the middle of winning some epic round of zombie slaying something or another and he has no real desire to help you live out your super model dreams.

Oh, and then there is the fact it's cold outside but you can't take pictures inside because your house is a mess and as much as you love the awesome soft (so soft!) tee shirt that magically appeared in your mailbox, you don't love anything enough to tidy off that kitchen counter or dust that coffee table so you need to try and corral your obstinate child outside with your camera so that you can walk the catwalk of fame on your front deck.

A little cold never hurt anyone, right?

Frosty arse cold.

That would be -18F/-44 F with wind chill. So you know. COLD.


I'm no quitter.

Colder than a witches...well, you know.

It's so cold I can't feel my face.

Turns out, at those temperatures, I am a quitter.

It was a short modeling career.

My time wearing the tee shirt was even shorter. My daughter came home, took one look at it and then magically jacked it out of my closet when I wasn't looking.

She has my eye for awesome, that kid.

So thanks Ryan, for making a fabulous shirt and sending it to me, all so that my daughter can steal it and wear it as her own. It was good while it lasted.

Teenagers aren't near as magical as the internet it turns out.

Great for gifts to give or for teenagers to steal out of your closet. Everyone loves a super soft tee shirt that reminds them of home. Especially when a portion of the proceeds go to help fund MS research. Check him out, his shirts and his cause are worth it.

Gratuitous puppy picture ftw.Abbott agrees.