Having the Talk

So a little while back Momversation and Kotex banded together to talk about "The Conversation." The conversation a parent has to eventually have with their daughter about how their bodies are going to change and what they should expect.

Ya. That conversation.

It was an interesting afternoon and what I learned in my discussion with Jessica and Linda is that we all parent our children vastly different. Most parents tend not to make half as many inappropriate jokes as I do.


But what we all seemed to agree on was how important it is to TALK with your daughter.

I never had the talk with either of my parents. Which likely accounts for why I am so insistent on having it with my kid and why I tend to joke inappropriately as I do.

Kotex has some great tips about “The Conversation" and how to have the talk on their website that you should totally check out.

Now excuse me as I have to go remind my kids tampons aren't really supposed to be stuffed up one's nostrils in an effort to imitate a walrus.