I Solemnly Swear These Are The Last Ones

I'm not the type of girl who can't admit she has a small problem. I know I have a sickness. I may indeed need help.

I bought more glasses.

My husband is ready to divorce me. Only he can't because he made some sort of vow about loving me in sickness or in health and I'm pretty sure this qualifies even if he disagrees.

I am an eyeglass slut.

(Thanks for pointing that out Neil.)

I have now stopped counting how many pairs of glasses I actually own and have vowed to not purchase any more ever again. Or at least not until my vision changes drastically.

I'm almost starting to feel a little guilty about my addiction. Almost.

I still need a white pair.  And yellow would be neat too.


Anyways, without any further ado, these are my new glasses. And my last glasses. For now. I hope.

(You can click on the pictures to blow them up bigger if you like.)

It's really hard to take a picture of oneself without making faces. I feel so stupid doing it.

Ya. I feel stupid. But look how pretty my new glasses are! They're so colourful! They're stripe-y! Multi-coloured! They even match my ugly chair!!

And look! Redheads can wear pink! Even fake redheads like me! Yay!

Now excuse me, I need to go see someone about this disease I've contracted. It's quite the spectacle.