Fan Girl

When I was little my mom bought my big brother Star Wars sheets and Strawberry Shortcakes sheets for my bed. I remember wishing Ms. Berry was a Wookie and having imaginary conversations with Chewbacca. How I envied my brother and his sheets.

I've been a bit of a geek ever since.

My children haven't decided if this is acceptable or not. Which is why later today I'm picking them up and dragging them off to Calgary's Comic Con where I can fan girl Wil Wheaton, toss my proverbial panties at Spike and lust over Worf.


Who would win?

Comic Con. The place where all good geeks go to have a good time. I can't wait.

I'm not really sure what to expect, this being my first Con, but I'm very excited to geek out alongside my kids.

Geeks for the win!

So while I'm off stalking Stan Lee, I hope you all have a great weekend.

If you get bored and are looking for some awesome to read, well I can help with that too:

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And then there is the post where I swallow my pride and embrace hypocrisy. But it's funny! I swear!

Now if you'll excuse me, I totally have to go argue with my children over the age old question:

Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Which is better.

Feel free to chime in.