Home Ownership: Not For the Weak

With the start of spring break coinciding with my husband's rare monthly appearance at home, he figured he should spend some quality one on three time with his beasts. I took this to mean the four of them would be sacked up on the couch, engaged in one video game battle after another.

I was wrong.

What actually happened was he shut the television off and herded everyone outside to pick up dog poop. It was glorious. I no longer have to watch where I step and my television finally had a chance to cool off. There are times I'm worried it's about to set fire to itself from overheating.

My yard is now ready for our annual two weeks of summer. Or at least it will be once I finally get around to doing the one thing my husband left on the list for me to cross off.

Boo will do almost anything for me, but he steadfastly refuses to do this one, itty, bitty thing. He figures since I wanted it, it's my problem.

I'm just glad he doesn't extend that personal rule to our children, yo.

So ya.

I've still got to take down Christmas wreath. I figure if I get it done before Easter it'll be a holiday miracle. Either way, I'm still doing better than last year.

It's not that I'm lazy. No, this is just my way of starting a new family tradition.

One that doesn't require picking up any poop.