Spousal Wishes on a Birthday

I don’t have any idea when we first met. None what so ever. You’ve always been a constant in my life, thanks to our fathers’ friendship. You have simply always been.

I remember you as a boy with feathered hair and a grimy face, wearing an orange and brown striped tee shirt and dirty jeans.

I remember you as a flirtatious teen wearing blue denim and a smear of grease on your cheek.

I remember the way you rocked our first born to sleep while holding her in the palm of your oversized hand. And the way you tossed our babies up into the sky to hear them squeal with delight.

I remember the way you looked when you slept beside our Shale, the two of you snoring softly.

And I know I’ll always remember the image of you holding Jumbster as the two of you sit on the couch and yell “Goooo!” at the hockey players on the television screen.

You haven’t changed much in the lifetime I’ve known you. Yes, you’ve grown taller, and seemingly you sprouted whiskers and chest hair over night. But besides the crinkles in the corner of your eyes and a pound or two around the waist, you are still the same boy I once knew and fell in love with. You are still generous and kind; mischievous and good natured; intelligent and irritatingly rational.

You are still my Boo. And no matter how you age I will always see you as the young man I fell in love with so very long ago.

Happy 37th. I love you. Still. Always. Forever.

14 years ago. When we were babies raising babies.