Tsarina T

There is one person in this world who is allowed to call me "Mommy."

Hint: It's not my husband. Because...ew. Nor is it the PR flackies who keeps sending me bizarre email pitches addressed to Mommy. My name is Tanis. And if you don't want to use that one, I'll accept  Tsarina T.

The only person who could get away with calling me Mommy is, ironically, the only person who can't. And he gets a free pass because dammit, he's cute.

I wrote a post about how my kid called me Mommy and how I had to resist the urge to laugh and/or shank him afterwards. Click here to read it. You know you want to.

Kids. They are totally weird. I mean, really, calling their mother 'mommy'? Who would have thunk it?

Also, I just really wanted to use this as an excuse to post this short clip of Jumbster on the net so you all could see how the quiet awesome radiates out of him.

Tsar Knox. He will one day rule the world.