Recommended STD

You know that saying, be careful what you wish for?

I always forget to be careful when I'm wishing.

Point in case: Looking at your basically ignored Linked In profile and wishing you had a recommendation posted on it so that you could seem as professional as all the other cool kids.

(Side note: What the hell do I have a Linked In profile for? Although, I suppose the better question is, what the hell is Linked In for and does anyone even use it?)


So anyways, when my friend, Anissa, mentioned on her Google+ that she was in the mood to write some recommendations, well you can bet your bottom dollar that I raised my proverbial hand and typed as fast as my little fingers would allow, 'I want!!'

Here was my chance to prove I was worthy to the unmasses who never look at my Linked profile to begin with.

Anissa, because she's Anissa, and she's awesome, complied.

Colour me happy.

And then I saw the recommendation:

I'm just grateful she didn't include the picture of my boobs I drunkenly allowed her to take one night.


So thanks Anissa, for upping my street cred. Or something.

Y'all have a happy weekend. And if you're bored and looking for something to read, hop on over to Hogwash From a Hoser. While I basically abandoned this blog all week long to eat the remnants of my birthday cake, I actually posted stuff over there.

I wrote about lame life lists and hookers and it's the type of post I'm hoping my son's future bosses never read. And then I wrote about life as a basically single married woman and how that blows. Because seriously? Waking up to a dog licking your neck is not near as fun as it would be if it were my husband.

Have a great weekend!