It Boggles The Mind

Somehow, I am old enough to have a daughter in grade ten. A son in grade nine. Another in grade 2.

A high school student, a junior high student and an elementary student. This will never again happen at any other time in my life. It's like the planets have all aligned or something.

I'm kinda stuck on the idea of my daughter turning 15 in two weeks. You know what I was doing at age 15? Falling in love with my children's father.


The idea that my child may soon be old enough to feel any such emotions boggles my mind.

The fact that my son is now the second tallest child in his entire grade boggles my mind. I remember when he was 22 inches long and skinnier than a starving chicken as he shook his angry little newborn fist at the heavens.

The problem with children, my children, and I'm sure yours as well, is they grow up. While we grow older. And then one day your kids are in high school, you are staring 40 in the face and it hits you: You are middle aged.

I swear I was 16 just seconds ago.

Fric, Frac and Jumby getting ready to conquer high school, middle school, and grade school.

The fact there was a time Jumby wasn't my son boggles my mind.

Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here, all boggled right now.

And apparently, I really like typing the word boggled. Bog-gled. It's a much better word than panties or moist.

Just saying.

In other news, I wrote a post over at Hogwash from a Hoser, once again illustrating the reasons my husband may have been insane when he decided to breed with me.

I'm sure his mind is perpetually boggled over this.


It's a the word of the day today.

(Click me and I'll take you places, baby. Promise.)

Have a great weekend everyone. See y'all next week.