Proof Lady Gaga Really is a Copy Cat

I'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga, although I admit, anyone who rocks a meat dress can't be all that bad.

Said the woman who married into a clan of Albertan cattle ranchers.

I've never paid much attention to her music nor her fashion but occasionally you will find me yodeling along to Poker Face or whatever catchy song my children like to play on auto repeat until I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I have no real opinion on the woman, whether she's a Madonna wanna be or not, or her talent. I don't care.

She ain't no Dolly Parton is all I'm gonna say.

But when Lady Gaga showed up last night at the MuchMusic Video Awards sporting the Blue Thunder, she finally had my attention.

Oh Gag.

Copy Madonna all you want Gaga.

But I'll have you know, I did the Blue Thunder before you were a twinkle in a Smurf's eye.

Just so you know.

Stick to your meat dresses, your alien-inspired egg transportation systems and your music that sounds eerily similar to the music I listened to in my teens. You can call it paying homage, I'll just call it unoriginal.

But the Tale of the Blue Thunder, well, that will always be mine. Before you made it your own.