World Wish Day

Today is World Wish Day. Which means if you can rub your tummy with one hand, while patting your head with the other as you simultaneously recite the alphabet backwards, every wish you make today will come true.

Okay, maybe not. But it would be really cool if that were how it worked.

I should totally wish for the coordination to be able to do that. I can barely walk in a straight line without tripping over invisible cracks.

I'd wish for a million money trees to grow in my back yard. And fertile soil to keep them growing.

I'd wish for perkier boobs. And less chin hairs. And the complete eradication of boob whiskers for womankind everywhere.

I'd wish for a stuffed beaver. Not that kind of beaver, you perverts. I want a dead stuffed beaver to put in my living room. But I'd happily take a live beaver and make it into my pet. I'd buy it a spiked collar and call it Hoss.

I'd wish that every time I ate ice cream my teeth wouldn't hurt and my bowels wouldn't explode. It's the little things in life.

I'd probably wish for the ability to fly too, but only because I'm too cheap to pay for airfare and not because I actually have any place to go.

But mostly, I'd wish for one more moment to spend with my son and to never outlive any more of my children.

April 29 is the Make A Wish Foundation's World Wish Day. It's the day, for children all over the world, wishes really will come true. Without any tummy rubbing or head patting although I'm pretty sure some kids would think that was awesome.

Jumby totally loves a good tummy rubbing.

I've written before about how our son Shale was granted a wish, but didn't live long enough to use it. And I've written about Jumby's wish and how important it was, is, to our family that we were able to help make his life a bit better because of his wish.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Click on me. You know you want to.

Wishes are important.

But they aren't free. Which is why I write this. Because if I can guilt, er, persuade any of you to skip the latte today and donate a few dollars to the Make A Wish Foundation, I will.

Think of the children.

Oh look, I'm beating you over the head with pictures of my kids! I have no shame.

Jumby's wish was a small wish, not something significant or very meaningful to most, but to my child it made a world of difference to his quality of life and reminds all of us that wishes can come true, goodness does exist.

For children who live with illness or disability or both, the Make A Wish Foundation is there to give these children and their families something life has often yanked away from them.

Hope. With a side of joy.

One small wish gave my child the chance to dream like every child should be able to.

Dreams do come true. Today's the day for to make them happen.

Thank you Make A Wish Foundation. And thank you everyone who has ever helped make a wish come true. With or without the tummy rubbing.

*If I were handing out wishes, I'd love to grant yours. What would YOU wish for? Curiosity and all...*