Yes,You Are The Boss of Me or How To Post on A Blog Without Really Saying Anything

Last year when my daughter brought home forms to join the school's travel club, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I never had an opportunity to go abroad with my own high school's travel club and I still remember seething with jealousy when Boo phoned me from Britain when he was on his school's trip abroad.

Last year, when it was time to sign my daughter's permission forms for the school trip, I thought it was a bright idea to volunteer as a trip chaperone.

Clearly last year I spent much of my time filling my head with rocks.

It's two days before our departure and I'm now wondering what the heck I've gotten myself into.

Things don't go exactly as planned, as I've since learned. What started off as volunteering to be a parent chaperone for a group of high school students has morphed into something entirely different. Because there is no group of high school students attending. There is no group at all.

There are two students going on this trip. And both of them are related to me. My daughter and my 14 year old niece. These girls couldn't get any more different if they fell from different family trees and they get along about as well as two 14 year old girls do. Picture stuffing two cats in a burlap sac and you'll understand their dynamic.

It's going to be AWESOME.

I fully anticipate pulling my hair out several times during the trip. I may come back bald.

To round out our merry group of bandits, we have a school advisor attending with his wife, the school secretary and my brother-in-law.

Five adults to two teens. My girls haven't stopped moaning about this since they learned of this fate.

I haven't stopped laughing.

We leave on Wednesday afternoon and I plan on blogging the entire trip. Unless you tell me not to. Or my brother-in-law confiscates my iPad and my iPhone. Which, is entirely possible, because I'm not sure how thrilled he's going to be when he learns he's going to star prominently in the next two weeks of my blog life.

I'm totally going to make him famous. Like it or not.

My future is in your hands. I'm letting you decide what you would like me to do: Live blog the trip, relax and let the blog fester in my absence or slap up old posts from the past. There's your choices. Let me know your preference. I aim to please.

In the meantime, I have some snow to melt on my stove. I'm on day 8 of no running water and I have a hot date with a wash cloth and a bucket. Sponge baths for the win!

Some people go to Europe to vacation and sight see. I'm only going to use their indoor plumbing.


Unrelated, I joined the cast of Momversation and last week I taped my first episode where we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shielding our children from natural disasters and tragedies in general. I have strong opinions on the subject and I'd love it if you'd hop on over and watch the segment and let me know if you disagree with me or not.

Also, I'm totally wearing my lucky gopher foot earring in the video. Because I like to bring the klassee with me where ever I go.