Two Years with Jumby

Two years ago, on Feb 16, I was told I would be bringing home my fourth child.

Luck intervened and we were able to bring him home a few days earlier, but Feb 16 marked the day I was first legally responsible for another child.

It's been two years.

Two years ago, I held a strange child in my arms and promised myself that one day I would love him like I loved my other kids. That I would feel as completely and wholly his mother as I do the three that came before him.

I worried that I may have bit more off than I could handle, may have made promises I couldn't keep.

Two years have passed and it seems like forever this child has been mine. I can't imagine my life without him in it.

Today marks the day we first became Jumby's legal guardians, and then a year later his official parents. And today is the Jumbster's day.

Today is the day his past can officially no longer come back to haunt him or threaten to take him away.

Today is the first day, in two years, he is absolutely and forever, mine.

Today is a good day.

The first ever snuggles Jumby and I had, only hours after first meeting.

The first time Fric got to meet her new little brother. Tensions were high all around, wondering if this was going to work. One look was all it took to assure us this would turn out okay.

Frac meeting his little brother moments later. We introduced them separately, one at a time, to make sure everyone's feelings were being properly looked after. My heart was in my throat the entire time.

Just weeks after bring Jumby home he had his first major health challenge and spent the next three weeks in hospital. It was trial by fire, learning to parent in a hospital all over again.

Jumby, however, is very resilient and recovered beautifully. He then proceeded to come home to explore his new home and get stuck under every piece of furniture we had.

Jumby's standing frame. We call him Hannibal when he's in it. He spends time in this generally while I cook or bake, so he can help get right in there and make a big mess. Like little boys are supposed to do.

Jumbster exploring his world and learning that occasionally there are soft things on the floor that purr when you roll into them.

I spent hundreds of dollars on buying therapy tools and new toys to help amuse and educate my new son. He prefers to wear a bucket on his head.

It's always a party in the kitchen.

Fric spoils Jumby rotten.

Brotherly love. I hoped the boys would take to one another but I underestimated how attached my kids would become to their newest sibling. My kids rock so hard it hurts sometimes.

Two years I've been able to look at this face and call him my son.

It's been two of the best years in my life, kid. We love you.


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