Random Fact Monday

Turns out I enjoy sticking my head through wooden cutouts and making faces.

When I tell people my middle name, they laugh. Not with me but most definitely at me. I take comfort in the fact my name could have been worse. It could've been Elmo.

I have a birthmark on the back of my thigh which is the exact shape of the country of Italy. I sincerely believe this is responsible for my shoe fetish.

I collect watches but I never wear them. The hair on my wrist is too long and I'm tired of yelping when the watch rips the hairs out.

I'm scared of cows. This can prove troublesome when one is married into a cattle farming family.

I call my husband Boo on my blog because it was his childhood nickname, bestowed onto him by an older sibling.

I hate parsnips.

I'm tone deaf and vocally challenged yet I love karaoke.

I once filled a dozen Barbies doll heads with ketchup and then used the dolls for target practice to sight in a rifle.

There are three nipple hairs on my right boob that only sprout whenever my husband is home for the weekend. I'm debating on letting them grow and seeing if I can put beads on them just to freak my husband out.

I did an interview for The Daily Femme and you can read more about me here. (Go read it. You won't be disappointed in my jackassery.)

Random Fact Monday has been brought to you by holiday Monday and my ego.

You are welcome.

Care to share a random tidbit about yourself so I don't feel all alone in my quirkiness?