A Guide to All Things Etsy

It's no secret I hate shopping more than I hate shaving my armpits. There are a million things I'd rather do than fight a horde of consumers in a mall. Things such as milking hamsters. Or changing cat litter. Or breast feeding an angry wolverine.

So when I discovered Etsy, it was like the stars shone a little brighter and a choir of leprechauns started serenading me.

I've fallen down the Etsy rabbit hole and I can't seem to claw my way back out. It's a sickness, I tell you.

Since I enjoy finding new and interesting things on Etsy, including some gems from the brilliant site, Craftastrophe I thought I'd highlight a few of my personal favorites. Because, tis the season of shopping. I mean, tis the season of giving. But since I'm far too talentless and too lazy to actually make things for the people I love myself, I'm stuck shopping.

It's a vicious circle, yo.

My Etsy love started early, when I spotted this piece in a treasury guide. I have a passion for fiber art and this little guy called to me. My husband hates him, but I think it's because he's threatened that he's not the prettiest man under my roof any more.

Clayrew Shop

Then one day I saw Chicken Little Muerte and I knew I had to have it for in my kitchen. I have been collecting Day of the Dead skulls for a few years now and the cheekiness of this piece just made me smile. I also bought his brothers Moo Muerte and Pig Muerte. Because I am nothing if not an equal opportunity carnivore. My husband? He has started to twitch when ever I tell him another Etsy package has arrived.

Mivida Creations by Carmela Chase

When we adopted Jumby last year, it meant we'd need a new Christmas stocking to hang on our none-existent chimney. My mom had made custom stockings for our entire family when Shale was still alive and offered to create another one for the Jumbster. But I wanted a fresh start with my new son, so I turned to Etsy to see if there was anything that caught my eye.

There was. Because Etsy is magical. A few weeks later and our family had new stockings for everyone. Including Shalebug. Because even though he is gone, he is far from forgotten.

Jingle Sox by Deekie Belle Designs

And perhaps, my most favorite Etsy treasure, ever, is perhaps the creepiest. What can I say? I have a thing for dead animal parts tickling my neck. I'm saving my pennies up to buy the bird head brooch. Because I'm pretty sure wearing that is a sure fire way of keeping the crazy people far away from me when I venture out in public.

Loved To Death

These few things are just the tip of the Etsy iceberg I've got hidden over here. I'm an Etsy whore, I admit it. So, without any further ado, here are a few picks that have currently caught my eye and I thought I'd pass along to you. Enjoy! (And a big thank you to all my twitter friends who sent me links to their favourite Etsy shops. It took me THREE hours to go through all the responses and check out all the shops. I love that you are my Etsy enablers.)


Every girl needs a little bling in her life. I'm all about shiny silver flower necklaces.

Eninaj shop. So filled with lovelies.

I love statement necklaces and I am in love with this one. In fact, I'm in love with the entire shop.

Urbanite Jewelry

I love me some pretty rings. Big rings. Because I have big, oversized man hands. (Thanks Dad.) I'm particularly fond of this ring. It speaks to my gnarled knuckles.

TK Jewelry Design

A ring etched with a quote from Emily Dickinson? Sign me up and slip that baby on my finger. Pretty please. There is so much goodness in the shop that I could hardly chose my favourite.

Lisa Hopkins Design

My husband rarely wears a suit. It takes a funeral or a wedding to force him into one. And then he spends the entire time, tugging at his collar and whining about how uncomfortable a monkey suit is. He says this as I'm wedged into a girdle, wearing three inch spikes on my heels and trying to pull the pantyhose out of my arse. The man doesn't know uncomfortable. But if Boo wore a suit more often, I'd buy him these cufflinks. Because steampunk is cool. And this artist? He's local. Yay!

A Second Time Jewelry Designs


Every year I wander around the stores aimlessly looking for cool things to impress my kids with when they rip open their parcels on Christmas morning. This year I found it. Zombie sock puppets. If that doesn't scream cool, well, I'm old and hopelessly out of touch.

Sock Zombie. (Like a sock, only undeader. Hee!)

When we brought the Jumbster into our family the Internets graciously welcomed him into the redneck clan. One of my internet friends, the awesome Amy Turn-Sharp, sent Jumby an organic wood rattle. She made sure it was something his wee twisted hands could hang on to, and boy does he hang on. You can't pry that rattle out of his claw. He'll hit you with it first. These toys are beautiful and fun. And every wee child should own one. Jumby says so. Well, you know. If he could talk.

Little Alouette

Every kid needs a superhero cape. I used to make my kids pretend by tying towels around their neck. Imagination is good for the soul, right? But if I had seen these, I'd have been all over it like stink on a dog. There is even a really cool cape for all the super Moms out there. I'd totally rock it.

Baby Pop

I was never much of a doll lover as a wee girl. Plastic barbies just annoyed me. I was always sensible. But then I saw these dolls. They are fantastical and perhaps a wee creepy. Just the right combination to spark an overgrown girl's imagination like myself.

Loopy Boopy Art Dolls


I love Alice In Wonderland. Before Tim Burton burned out my eyeballs with his version of the movie. So when I saw these prints, I snagged them. All three. They are hanging in bedroom, over my treadmill. Sparking my imagination. Or they would, if I used my treadmill for something more than a large clothing rack.

Little Bluebird Studios

I love this shop. It speaks to me. Especially this print. Because I'm fighting the shadows every day. I'd buy them all if I had money. Which I don't. Because Etsy keeps stealing it.

Kellie Draws Pictures

I have a thing for texture on my walls. And I'm not talking about the holes my kids keep accidentally knocking in them. I love these porcelain sculptures. I adore them. I covet them all.

Element Clay Studio Ceramics

Sometimes a girl just needs pretty. This is pretty. And I want it. I figure if my husband can hang a dead deer head on the wall I can hang some pretty felt flowers. Seems like a fair trade to me.

Dashing Etc.

Home and Office

My mom used to do ceramics when I was growing up. Some of my earliest memories is the smell from the kiln and her repeatedly telling my brother and I to not play by it when it was firing her work. I've had a soft spot for pretty ceramic things, ever since. I particularly love these pieces. But I would gladly buy everything in this shop. You know. If they accepted monopoly money.

Hope Johnson Ceramics

I'm a bit of a bear in the morning. I know, shocking, right? I need my caffeine fix immediately after crawling out of bed, and I prefer to drink my java out of mugs that make me smile. Bonus points if they remind me that I'm not crazy, I only feel like I am. *twitch*

JMN Pottery

For as long as I can remember, I have kept a journal. There is nothing quite as soothing to me than scribbling my thoughts and ideas into a beautiful journal. I have a growing stack of them, all tucked away, waiting to be found long after I'm gone. Or when my kids find where I hide them. I love these journals. Especially this one.

La Paperie

I love my dog. Nixon is my fifth child. He keeps me warm at night when Boo is away and I always giggle when the two of them start growling at each other over who gets to sleep next to me. More often than not, Nixon wins. Don't worry Boo, I love you too. I promise. But Nixon is a bit of a pansy a$s and a princess when it comes to cold weather. He needs a coat. One just like this. It's almost as cute as he is.

Annie's Sweatshop

I love to crochet and knit. And I've morphed into a bit of a yarn snob. Which is tragic for my bank account but oh so wonderful when I finish making my creations. I love yarn. Especially art yarn. Like this. I love this shop.

Pancake and Lulu

Everyone needs to ring in the new year by tossing out the ragged old calendar hanging on your wall and carefully pinning up a new one. Of course, I think you should buy MY calendar and support the National Eating Disorders Association. But if half naked bloggers hanging on your wall doesn't ding your bell (what is wrong with you??) then you should consider buying this calendar instead. It's lovely.


And finally, (because this post has been long enough) I love these thank you cards. Perfect for the thank you notes you'll have to write after the Christmas season. They're simple and the letterpress adds just the right touch of elegance. I love this shop. Entirely.

Cardamom Press

Now go forth and get your Etsy on.

*Have a favourite Etsy shop not listed here but want to send it some love? List it in the comments. Or just tell me that I have twisted taste. Tis what my husband does on a regular basis. Wink.*