Happy Birthday Frac!

You loved your brother at first sight and were only slightly scared of all the tubes sticking out of him. You declared him perfect even though his feet pointed up and touched his bum.

You adore your sister. Even now when she steals your iPod and chews all of your gum.

You loved your brother with an intensity I'd never seen before.

You love your new brother with the same fierceness and the way you take care of him steals my breath and squeezes my heart.

You make me the best darn cup of coffee I've ever had. And you do it with a smile.

You rock the Bieber look. Which drives me nutty.

You are a goof.

You are the picture of grace.

You balance an egg just so you can tell Mr.Lady you did it.

You make me laugh. Every single day.

Happy 13th birthday Frac. I love you more than words can express.

You will always be my Sunshine.