I haven't been on my blog this week because big family happiness has occurred and it's hard to type and celebrate all at once.

But in the midst of all our family's joy, I've been dealing with medical issues of my own.

Remember last year when I fell and damaged my back?

Well, the back has gotten so bad that the doctors finally took pity on me and scheduled surgery to fix my pain and allow me to get my gumby bendiness back.

It's been a flurry of pre-surgical appointments, slipping on more ice and wailing at my husband to bring me a heating pad and more drugs. It's been a lot of fun. Heh.

Today I go into the hospital and tomorrow I get my favorite tattoo sliced open.

Wish me luck, health and all that jazz.

I'll be back new and improved.

Or at least highly drugged. That alone, is worth the price of admission, no?