Silicon Valley Mom's Canadian Road Trip

Can't make it to BlogHer? Don't even know what BlogHer is? Want to meet a couple of hot Canadian mom bloggers live in the flesh? I mean, they're moms. You know they put out otherwise they wouldn't be moms.

I'm hosting Catherine, Her Bad Mother and Katie, Motherbumper as they make their way across the country, blogging as they go.

I can't really compete with the splendour of Quebec City or Ottawa, but I've got something neither of those cities have to offer.

The Blue Thunder.

And my very own pet Beaver.

And of course, my often absent husband has made the trek home just to meet these special ladies and service us all. By service us I mean strap on his man apron, pick up his tongs and slap some home grown, grade A Albertan beef on the barbie. And this beef is fresh. I picked it out in the pasture myself. (Sucker had a bad attitude and moo'ed at me.)

We would love for you to be able to join us at a small blogging meet up where you can discover for yourself that we are just a bunch of frazzled geeks with access to the internet. With nipple hair and the odd chin whisker. We are throwing caution to the wind and unveiling our quirky personalities for all to see.

If you happen to be in the Edmonton-ish area (if I have to make the drive into the city you should too,) please consider joining us for the revelry. I promise to keep the blue thunder well contained.

We'll be meeting Saturday, at Rundle Park at the playground, at 10 am. Bring your children. We are. (You know you want to meet the newest little Redneck, Jumby.)

We will set the children loose on the playground and get down to the serious business of getting to know one another.

Contact me if you need directions or want my cell phone number so you can breathe heavy in my ear. I like that.

For those of you who can't make it, no worries. I'm bringing a video camera as well as my fancy schmancy camera to capture the joy.

You never know when a beaver is going to be on the loose after all.