You may notice things look a wee different around these parts. Things had been feeling kinda dull and boring around these parts and it's not because I recently noticed my gut hangs out over the top of my pants and I have chin whiskers that sprout faster than I can pluck them.

I decided I needed a change.

Which means someone has been a busy girl. And it's not been me. Really. I've just sat back and heckled as my blog designer busted her arse to create this magic. *Points to her computer screen.*

(Look at the shiny header! The link bubbles! The footer! It's so pretty it reminds me of my daughter when she actually combs her hair!)

Let's give a big round of applause to Judith at Judith Shakes Design. Not only did this woman put up with my smart ass emails witty repartee, she was professional, creative and affordable.

Plus she let me talk dirty to her,  and she never openly mocked me when I proved how computer illiterate I truly am.

How could I not love this woman?

So for anyone in the mood to shake things up on their own site, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Judith Shakes Design.

Everyone needs a facelift at some point.

Blog redesign, it does a body good.

But apparently does absolutely nothing for those damn chin whiskers.


Thanks Judith. You are amazing.