Life doesn't always turn out how you plan it. Kids don't always live, jobs are sometimes lost and therapists don't always understand your twisted sense of humour.

I know this. So why, when life throws a curve ball at my face at warp speed, do I stand there blinking in shock, waiting for life to smack me in the face hard instead of ducking out of it's way?

It must be because I enjoy getting balls in the face.

Nothing like a good sugar lump or two.

(Wow, has this post gotten off track.) 


My posting these last couple of weeks has been spotty at best. I've been busy trying to catch my breath and dealing with the unexpected surprise life has tossed in my direction. 

Suddenly and with little fan fare, life has altered for my small family and myself with little more than a phone call.

A myriad of emotions swirl around me right now, yet whenever I start to write about this new evolution for my family, for me, words evaporate into a mist, leaving me unable to eloquently express the enormity of what is going on in my life. 

There is a story to be told here, a story I am working hard at finding the right words with which to weave, but for right now, I'm just reveling in the moment.

Revel with me people.

It's a boy.

My boy.