Odds and Ends

Look at me! I'm taking over the internet, one space at a time.

The wise and beautiful ladies over at Savvy Source have asked me to start a conversation group at their place. And since I am a people pleaser, I was pleased to oblige.

Hence, a redneck chatroom all of my own.

Except I have no friends over there to chat with. (It's like junior high all over again except this time no one can stuff me in a locker or pin a 'Kick Me, I'm a Loser' sign on my back.)

So if you feel the need for a little redneck speed (heh...I so need some caffeine this morning), hop on over there and start chatting with me. Ask me anything. Share your knowledge. Mock me. It's our special space. Away from my husband's prying eyes. Heh.

You won't regret it.

Well okay, you might, but isn't that half the fun?

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