Captured in Time...Or Why I Should Wear Lipstick

There are moments in life that are so unexpectedly sweet that when they happen you can't believe your good fortune and you spend the rest of your day smiling and shooting rainbows out your arse.

Like when you take out an old coat and find a crumpled twenty dollar bill inside a lint filled pocket.

Or when you buy a lottery ticket and actually win something. (Because that is totally possible. They keep handing out those free tickets just to sucker you back in with false hope.)

Or when your daughter scores the only damn goal her team has seen this entire season and it's made only sweeter because she's playing against kids four years older than her and twice her size.

So sue me if I jumped up and down, cheering and screaming like a raging soccer mom lunatic. That little victory was hard earned and made sweeter by the ability to brag that it was MY daughter.

Ya. We She rocks.

I love those little unexpected gifts life brings. It's like finding a pretty little chocolate resting upon on the pillowcase of life. (Okay, so that is a horrible analogy, but I never professed to be a poet.)

Those little nuggets of goodness are all the more sweeter now that we know just how dark life can get. I tend to cherish them harder and hold them closer than I ever did before our son died.

Which is why, when I received a phone call from a dear family friend, I wrapped myself in the unexpected glow of warmth and thanked the Universe itself for my latest unexpected gift.

This gift was even better than watching my daughter's triumphant smile after her victory on the soccer field. This gift was even more precious than the time I was snooping and found unexpected photos of my son in my friend's photo album.

This gift made me smile and then weep with joy (and only a bit of sadness). This gift was a reminder of a life once lived, a love forever shared. I can't believe I didn't even know it existed before that phone call.

Video footage of my darling Bug. The ONLY video footage that exists in the world because we were too poor during his life to be able to afford a video camera to capture his beautiful soul.

(If only we had a crystal ball back then and knew how important it would be to document his moments. Sigh.)

Now I have him, captured forever alive and cranky and in his glory. For a few brief moments I get to experience my son's sweet kisses and remember the warm feeling of his sweaty hair and how he clung to me for comfort for a few minutes. Not that I forgot, but it is so wonderful to see it in front of me instead of just inside my head and heart.

Because now I can share it with you.

You never know what sugary surprises life has in store for you.

You also never know when a bad haircut and forgetting to wear any lipstick is going to come back and bite you on the arse.

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Click HERE if you want to watch.

I'll just try to over look that. How bout you do the same?

**Note: The video is around four minutes long. Just click play under the big screen at the bottom and his piece will start. **