I've Got My Eye on You

Ever wonder what would happen if you were just standing there, minding your own business, when suddenly a chisel comes flying out of nowhere at a very rapid velocity and comes to a sudden stop in your eye?


Me neither.

Yet, thanks to my very dear, oldest and bestest friend in the world, the man I promised to marry if we were both single by the age of thirty, a man I now consider to be my brother and who happens to be my husband's bestest friend in the whole world, I now know.

It's not very pretty.

Think squished grapes.

I'm going to be offline for a few days, holding a certain Cowboy's hand, and making sure his wife eats until we know the status of his vision. Any well wishes or prayers you might want to send in our direction would certainly be appreciated.

Meanwhile, it's not all bad. Did I mention his attending physician is unbelievably good-looking? It's always nice to have a good piece of eye candy to drool over while stuck in a hospital and trying not to relive disturbing memories of your son's life while praying for a miracle.

Be back soon. Unless of course the good-looking physician decides to kidnap me and take me to a deserted island.

Then you are on your own.