I Have No Shame

When I was in middle school I desperately wanted to be popular. I wanted to be one of the cool kids, one of the girls all the boys flocked to and wrestled over just for a chance to sit next to me at lunch time.

It never happened. 

Partially due to the fact I was gangly, awkward and no where near hitting puberty. My knobby knees protruded out further than the invisible boobs I liked to pretend I had.

It may have also had something to do with the fact that I favoured wearing cowboy boots (still do) and baggy jeans while all the other girls wore designer clothes and rocked a pair of geeky green spectacles that took up more than half of my face.

I was cool. But only in my own mind.

In my desperate bid to become one of the cool kids, I ran for school council. I was counting on the geek factor, all the other wannabe's just like me who would toss their vote my way in a desperate bid to show everybody that it didn't matter what you looked like or what you wore, geeks were people too.

Except my fellow geeks let me down. 

I think I got three votes.

I wasn't so cool after all.

It was an awkward moment in my self-history. A lesson learned (never run for school council when you have a bandaid wrapped around your eyeglasses arm) and never forgotten.

God I miss junior high. 


I recently learned I was nominated for two different blog awards. And in a pathetic tribute to my boobless, stringy haired, plastic spectacled geeky teenaged self, I'm putting myself before y'all and hoping that I don't end up being the laughing stock of the cafeteria.

(I still remember walking in to the lunch room that day and everyone...even my friends...started laughing at me after the vote count was published. I sat alone and ate my white bread with Cheez Whiz sandwich and vowed to oneday seek revenge on all those kids when I was a supermodel and rich.)

I'm still waiting for that to happen. It could. Right?

If you would like go on over and check out these two sites. There are some really interesting blogs that are listed and up for the vote.

I won't ask you to vote for me. That would be pathetic. And needy. And reek of desperation.

All of which would undermine my delusional beliefs of grandeur.


(Alright damnit. Vote for me. There. Happy? I begged. Consider me down on my knees and at your mercy. We all know I'm easy. I'll damn near do anything to make y'all happy.)

Best Blog- Canadian Blog Awards

Best Canadian Blog- The 2008 Weblog Awards (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the little green button beside my blog name.)

Both of these awards are in the early stages. I'm desperately hoping to become one of the finalists. At least then I may be able to justify to my husband how I sit around all damn day with the laptop glued to my thighs.

(I do it for the people. They need me, honey. I swear!)


Thanks y'all.