Selfishly Seeking Joy

I'm walking around with my head up my arse these days. It's quite a visual. Really. I told you I was bendy. It doesn't just extend to the bedroom. Heh.

My season of grief is once again upon me and I'm struggling to find my joy. 

There is always one thing that helps shine the light through the dark clouds of my sky though. 

(No, not antidepressants, booze or even sex. Although the combination of all three does make for some wicked fun. Heh.)

I'm talking about being able to randomly give away a prize and make somebody's day. That is the best balm I can think of to soothe the ravage beast of grief that likes to rear it's ugly head and make me miserable.

So I'm having another give-away. I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it for me. To make myself feel better. I'm such a selfish bitch that way. Heh.

Win an iPod 8GB Nano, Shiny Blue, appr. retail value $149.99 USD

All you have to do to enter my lovely contest is drop me a line in my comments. Tell me a joke people, make me laugh. Crude, rude or clean. Punny or funny. I'll even accept one liners and lame knock knock jokes. 

Don't know a joke? Contest is still open to you because I'm that kinda girl. Easy. Snicker. I'll take compliments in lieu. Apparently, I'm vain and pathetically needy as well as easy.

Contest is open until midnight, mountain standard time, Sunday Oct 19, 2008. After which time I'll randomly draw a winner. Or arbitrarily choose a winner based on the best damn joke and who made me smile longest. I make no promises people. 

Remember? My head is up said arse.

Whatever the circumstances, someone is walking away a winner.

And that brings me joy.

Which is the whole point of this post.

***Oh, and if you are looking for a real post of mine go here. I'd appreciate it. I guest posted for Avitable and he doesn't think I'll be able to muster up more than 20 commenters on my post. Cuz I'm a redneck. And a mother. Help me out. Think of the joy it'll bring me to prove him wrong. Heh.***