Everything seems Green

I have been busting my butt for the last few days trying to get ready for my daughter's eleventh birthday. I'm determined to try and win the infamous Mother of the Year award. After all, as you all like to point out, one day this chicklet is going to be in charge of changing my diapers. May as well try and score some points while I can.

In honour of the big day, I have sanded, taped and painted her bedroom walls. I have hunted for appropriate bedding, throws and rugs. I have spent hours painting circles on her bedroom walls. It was painstaking. It was tedious. It was a pain in my jiggly little ass.

And it was so worth it to see her face this morning when Frac and I did the big reveal.

So it looks like her room is suffering from the measles. So what if it is so bright in there my retinas ache when I wake her up first thing in the morning. So what if her father freaks right the fack out when he gets home and sees what I've done to her room without any discussion with him.

It was all worth it to see the sickly green glow reflecting on her skin while she grinned her gap tooth grin, stretched from ear to ear.

She's green with love.

Happy Birthday Fric. May you be a pain in my ass for years to come.

I love you always. Even if you just broke my coffee pot.