I'll Bend Over, You Spank Me

I am a bad bloggy mommy. I use you, abuse you and then leave without even a note or a couple of torn dollar bills placed casually on the bed table. Shame on me.

Have no fear. I have not developed a mysterious and deadly disease, rendering me helpless and too ill to fire up the ole computer. Nor has my trusty lifeline (also known as my Mac) deserted me and left me without any connection to my blogging world.


The last post I wrote just really kicked my ass. Add to that, I have been pretending to be mom of the year at two different schools (Fric and Frac have been temporarily separated this year. I'm looking forward to reuniting them this September and having the same lunch and dismissal times once more.) I have been running my dimpled, pasty white ass off, all for the chance to eat boiled weiners and dixie cup ice cream with my kids and their classmates this week.

Life is short. Even more so after being a track meet mom and a mini games mom. (Who ever decided to put me in charge of the accuracy toss needs to be shot.)

I'm back now. I've got a new box of kleenex in case I get another round of my little-boy-Bug-blues again and I have a keyboard just dying to be abused.

But it will have to wait for tomorrow. Because today I am performing my final duties, pretending to be Mom of the Year one last time for the grade four kiddies. This time, I am ROASTING wieners over an open fire. Which means trying to keep the kids from falling into the open fire and preventing the boys from chasing the girls around with sharp pointy sticks.

I will be back tomorrow and ready to go once more. I've got an arsenal of wiener stories to share with you.

And not all of them are of the boiled wiener variety.