Morning Joe

I love waking up to discover an endless blue sky and hear the chirping of birds singing from the trees.

I love watching my children wave to me as they board their school bus, on their way to educate their minds and discover their sense of self.

I love pouring a mug of piping hot coffee, heavy on cream, light on sugar, and stepping out onto our deck, with Nixon, The World's Greatest Dog, Ever. winding his way through my feet with excitement.

I love watching him sniff every blade of grass, every pebble, while I drink my coffee and talk to my husband for the first time in our day.

I love sitting, at peace, tranquil with my world on days like today.

And when the neighbour's Rottweiler decides to swim through the slough and come barreling at me like a shot out of the cannon, I love that.

I especially love when he clumsily races up the deck stairs and knocks me over with his slobbery kisses.

And when he shakes off all the gross, disgusting, disease-riddled water off his thick, shiny coat, straight into my wonderfully brewed cup of joe, I love that.

Even more, I love when all 120 pounds of him tries to crawl into my lap, pushing me off balance, while my tiny little dog jumps on my head, almost taking out my eye.

I love sitting on my sun-soaked deck, now marinated (both me and the dogs) with slough water and shivering while eyeballing the bright blue sky and listening to the damn birds who won't shut the fack up.

It doesn't get any better when the Rottweiler licks my ear and then starts lapping at my now cool cup of coffee. After all, if Nixon can taste it, so can he.

I didn't really want my coffee after all.


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Meet the Rotty, Earlicker and Nose Picker, Extraordinaire.