Ten Years of Wild Monkey Behaviour

Ten years ago today, I was tossing my cookies, while holding back my veil trying not to splatter puke on it.

Not that the idea of marrying Boo was vomit inducing, far from it. But seeing as how we were rabbits back then whose sole purpose in life was um, procreating; your oldest son, approximately four gestational months old, was making my life difficult while your eight month old daughter was preventing me from actually sleeping (or eating anything other than dried cheerios.)

Last year, on our nine anniversary, while still reeling from our loss, I wrote pretty words of love for you. Of course, since then, I have pointed out to the world what an asshat you can be. I do on occasion, to prevent people from thinking you are a complete twit, point out some of your admirable qualities.

This year, I am taking a new direction. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. May you read these pictures and feel all of the love, joy, exasperation, happiness, annoyance, sadness, occasional anger, perpetual lust, friendship and kindness that I feel towards my husband.

Against all odds, and countless bets made between our relatives and our pastor, we have survived. Flourished. And brought more of our crazy genes in to help with my plans of global domination.

Here is to decades more of being a thorn in your mother's side. I love you.

Now please excuse me, I have a flight to catch to surprise my husband this evening. I have planned an evening filled with expensive champagne (followed up with wild monkey sex) for the two of us. I'll be back tomorrow, hung over, happy, and hopefully wearing a very big smile.

Ten years later and we still can't keep our hands off each other.

***Special thanks to all our children, family, friends and local liquor store employees who have helped us make it this far. Take a bow people. You've earned it.***