Pass the Puns, Please

It's about time things got back to normal around here, and to celebrate the new, very public status of my blog, I had to dig hard for some good cheese. After all, now all my relatives know about my proclivity for le fromage.

It's not like I can just stumble to the computer naked, without makeup or hair combed and just blog anything while I sip on my morning coffee. Oh wait, yes it does. It just means they are going to hang their heads in shame a little bit longer when they think of me than they normally would have otherwise.

And yes, occasionally I sit here naked as the day I was born. Nothing like a little nudity to get the creative juices flowing. Plus, it really turns on the hubs.

Good morning my darling mother in law. Say hello to Nana for us. Heehee.

On that note, I'm off to go get dressed. Wouldn't want the kids to find their momma sitting here, stroking the keyboard while cackling to herself. I do like to pride myself on my parenting skills after all. Without any further ado, enjoy!

I needed underwear. What a pain in the ass. They were stocked in the rear. I argued with the cashier over the price - I didn't crack. I called her a name, she turned the other cheek. I didn't mean to make her the butt of my anger. The yelling was brief. Lucky for her I'm not a boxer. If it wasn't for needing the underwear, I would have socked her. In my triumph, I sang a happy thong on the way out.