Closed For Business...Until I Find Some Ammo

I had a big post planned for today. Why? Because I got the psych report back from the adoption peoples and I read it. I learned just how truly deficient I am as a functioning member of society.

I had planned on poking fun at the findings, arguing some of the finer points and generally finding some absurdity buried in the fine print. Because that's what I do. How I cope. Even if the psych man doesn't think it's appropriate.

Or classy.


But then something happened last night. Something that stopped my plans for some good ole fashioned blog therapy in their tracks.

There was an invasion. An invasion of little people who sat at my table, ate my food, destroyed my tidy house, drooled over my floors and walls and generally made themselves at home.

But these little people weren't alone.


They had visitors themselves. Little invisible germs. And these little people spread their germs around my home and onto me with the glee of Santa Clause dropping off presents in the wee hours of the morn while hoping for of some cookie crack.

I woke up this morning wishing I for a different body. A healthy body. Wishing I could give back the germs so thoughtfully bestowed upon me by the little peoples in my life.

So after sleeping half the day away and thanking the good Lord Himself for not having to take care of any small people or husbands while I fight my battle with the common cold or bronchitis or strep throat or whatever germ has nestled itself into my body, I am finally upright and am now going to drag my ass to the doctor and the pharmacy and see about buying some artillery to end this infestation as quickly as possibly.

If that doesn't work, I'll stop off at the liquor store and just drown the little suckers.